Monday, October 14, 2013

COMC, toploader and penny sleeves


I found a new online card selling site.  It is called Check out My Cards, Comics and Collectables.  It is alternative for collectors and the high shipping fees.  Sellers physically send all of their for sale items to COMC- they scan, insure and do some background, the seller prices and then they are sold.
The benefit of all the sellers have the cards in one location is that they all get shipped together so you can save big on shipping as opposed to being $3ed to death.  Top loaders are an option for each card at $0.20 / card.  The seller pays fees to COMC.

I was able to pick up a few more 01/02 stadium clubs there and they have a few more listed.

This is what I bought:

2001-02 Stadium Club Gallery Gold #G26 -            Zigmund Palffy #32/50
2001-02 Stadium Club Master Photos #133 -         Ivan Ciernik #12/100
2001-02 Stadium Club Master Photos #130 - Scott Nichol #31/100 
2001-02 Stadium Club Award Winners #9 -    Peter Bondra #35/100
2001-02 Stadium Club Master Photos #134 -         Scott Clemmensen #39/100
2001-02 Stadium Club Master Photos #35 -   Alexei Kovalev #15/100
2001-02 Stadium Club Award Winners #49 -        Markus Naslund #20/100
2001-02 Stadium Club Award Winners #139 -      Pavel Datsyuk #100/100

Several Needs and a few good priced extras,  There was a Mario Award Winner and both AW and MP for shanahan and a few others including an Amonte GG. I am Pleased with the Datsyuk - Detroit star players are hard to get.


I picked up some top loaders and penny sleeves.  These things are not cheap.  So the are a cost that sellers have that people sometimes do not recognize.

After an expensive card collecting weekend now I'll watch the mail for the next few weeks.

I bought a one month Beckett OPG (online price guide) subscription so if you need something looked up i can do so.  The Sports Card Forum has a good trading/inventory data base system set up for people looking for a place to organize their collections.

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