Friday, October 11, 2013

Making a push

It has been almost 4 years with no progress upticking from 139/140 to 140/140.

Selanne remains ever elusive.  I have ebay alerts set up.  I search foreign ebay sites.  I use various search engines.  I troll the trading sites and  But I am yet to have success.

I have started trading at Sports Card Forum.  The have a good trading system and excellent card organizer.

I landed an Allison Award winner that i needed and an extra Jeff Friesen.

Agreed to buy a Koivu Gallery gold from Parallel Dave.

 photo sakugg.gif

Working on a big deal ATM plus some ebay bids and maybe shop purchases.  So all in all lots of action

Oct 11/2013
MP: 139/140
MP2: 29 /140
AW: 97/140
GG: 17/40

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