Thursday, May 14, 2009

Status- 138/140

My master Photo total has reached 138/140.

I need two more Master Photos to complete my set.

they are:

40 Teemu Selanne San Jose Sharks
53 Darren McCarty Detroit Red Wings

Please let me know if you have them.

I was able to get a Claude Lemieux on Ebay.

There have been several master photos and Award Winners listed on Ebay recently.

There is a Bure Master Photo going for $20 and the auction ends tomorrow. there is also a Felix "the Cat" Potvin Award Winner with bids of $12.

Then there are several others with no bids. I may swoop in and pick up as many as I can at $1-2 and hope to save on the shipping.

The Ebay shops of Parallel Dave and Burbank Sports cards usually have a few of the numbered 01/02 Topps Stadium Club numbered cards.

As for the Selanne and McCarty that I need, I've looked just about everywhere, maybe someone with those cards will find me.

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